My name is Benjamin Brosdau, I am a 3D artist by calling and a photographer by passion. I am selftaught starting with "3D- Animationsstudio" (now discontinued), Cinema 4D and finally moving to 3dsmax which still serves as the backbone of my work, although it is now being complemented by a host of supporting applications. I have around 18 years of experience across various fields of CGI.

Skills : Being a one-man-army for most of my career I have a broad knowledge across various aspects of CG, I specialize in shading,lighting and rendering though. Extensive knowledge in the creation of digital nature and animals. Passionate about photography with broad knowledge about image capture, manipulation, HDR, Panoramic stitching with an eye for composition and color schemes.

Software skills:  3dsmax, Softimage, V-Ray, Maxwell Render, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Lightroom, Fusion and a ton of Plugins for 3dsmax most notably GrowFX, Multiscatter and ForestPro.  

Awards and press:  Multiple CG choice awards, Multiple publications in Ballisitc's "Exposé", Publication in "The worlds best Discreet art" , Kota Press Gold Award, Grand Master prize in Ronen Bekermans "Hover" challenge, 2nd place in the Autodesk 25th Anniversary Challenge, Interviews and artist profiles with Ronen Bekerman and CGtalk.