Ko Tapu Thailand

Todays work done! It's the Ko Tapu rock formation located in Thailand also known as the "James Bond Island" where it has been featured in the movie "The man with the golden colt".

The rock is a dense mesh that I built from a simple polygon shape displaced with various Bercon Noise maps applied at different subdivision levels in conjunction with a lot of volume select modifiers. The texture was sourced from photgraphs and patched together. Vegetation is of cours GrowFX.

Coconut palms trees now live.

My collection of coconut palm trees is now live on Turbosquid It consists of 18 different trees, some orderly and straight like you'd prefer them in archviz renderings, some are crooked with wind swept leaves. V-Ray proxies are also included and will now be a default item in my offerings.

Here is a demonstration of the possible results (the entire scene will be made into another product some time soon).